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Brushless Motors
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Part Number Manufacturer Diameter Length Nominal Voltage No Load Speed rpm Max. Torque Power Rating Spec. Sheet (.pdf)  
57BLS/BL DPM 57.2mm 54-116mm 36v 4,000rpm 0.11-0.42Nm see pdf
42BL DPM 42mm 41-100mm 24v 4000rpm 0.19-0.75Nm see pdf
42BL IE DPM 45mm 76/96mm 24v 4,000rpm 0.19/0.38Nm See specs
BN24 Canon 22.4mm 9.5mm 5v 4,500 0.2mNm 0.1w
86BL DPM 86mm 58-125mm 48v 3000/6000rpm 0.52-6.3Nm See specs
13BC Deltaline 13mm 28mm 10v 9,300-18,200 1.5-1.7mNm see pdf
BO504/508/512 Deltaline 11.90mm 23.8-49.2mm 50v 34,500-75,000 1.9-6.2mNm see pdf
32BF nuvoDisc Deltaline 32mm 11mm 12volt 12,800rpm 10.4mNm 9.8 w
16BHL Deltaline 16mm 46.8mm 12v 21,600rpm 11.3mNm 12w
BO906/909/912 Deltaline 22.14mm 45.1-61.9mm 50v 28,000-56,000 15.3-25.8mNm see pdf
22BHM Deltaline 22mm 45.1mm 24v 28,300-49,500 17.9-18.4mNm 18.8-19.3w
BF60 Canon 60mm 50mm 24v 2,980 196mNm 40w
22BHL Deltaline 22mm 54.2mm 24v 24,300-34,100 26.4-27.2mNm 27.7-28.4w
B1106-050 Deltaline see pdf see pdf 50v 24,752-47,619 26.9-28.7mNm 11.5w
2-48/08.2 Trident 54mm 30mm 12v or 24v 4,300 27-28mNm 8w
2-48/08.4 Trident 54mm 30mm 12v or 24v 4,300 27-28mNm 8w
B1525-150 Deltaline see pdf see pdf 150.0v 17,794-38,560 310-322.7mNm 32.5w
26BC-6A Deltaline 26mm 32.3mm 7.5v or 15v 4,700-12,500 4-4.4mNm see pdf
16BHS Deltaline 16mm 32.3mm 12v 8,150-30,400 4.9-5.4mNm 5.6w
BN24encased Canon 24.2mm 10.6mm 12v 6,000 4.9mNm 1.9w
BN39 Canon 39.2mm 10.3mm 12v 6,700 4.9mNm 2.5w
22BHS Deltaline 22mm 35.3mm 12v 6,600 5.2mNm 4.4w
J7544-BN44 Canon 44mm 62mm 24V 3150 rpm 51.9mNm/A 16.2W
B1118-050 Deltaline see pdf see pdf 50v 27,272-48,544 57.9-103.7mNm 15.5w
B1505-150 Deltaline see pdf see pdf 150.0v 16,200-38,560 64.4-72.6mNm 15.1w
26BC-3C Deltaline 26mm 32.3mm 12v 14,800rpm 7.0mNm 5.7w
BG39 Canon 39.2mm 32.6-40.1mm 24v 15-243 88-1,030mNm n/a
BN63 Canon 63mm 34mm 24v 1,433 98mNm 15w
32L 42RBL DPM 33 and 42mm to follow to follow to follow to follow to follow

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