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Brushless Motors
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Part Number Manufacturer Diameter Length Nominal Voltage No Load Speed rpm Max. Torque Power Rating Spec. Sheet (.pdf)  
BN24 Canon 22.4mm 9.5mm 5v 4,500 0.2mNm 0.1w
BN24encased Canon 24.2mm 10.6mm 12v 6,000 4.9mNm 1.9w
B1106-050 Deltaline see pdf see pdf 50v 24,752-47,619 26.9-28.7mNm 11.5w
16BHL Deltaline 16mm 46.8mm 12v 21,600rpm 11.3mNm 12w
B1505-150 Deltaline see pdf see pdf 150.0v 16,200-38,560 64.4-72.6mNm 15.1w
B1118-050 Deltaline see pdf see pdf 50v 27,272-48,544 57.9-103.7mNm 15.5w
BN63 Canon 63mm 34mm 24v 1,433 98mNm 15w
J7544-BN44 Canon 44mm 62mm 24V 3150 rpm 51.9mNm/A 16.2W
22BHM Deltaline 22mm 45.1mm 24v 28,300-49,500 17.9-18.4mNm 18.8-19.3w
BN39 Canon 39.2mm 10.3mm 12v 6,700 4.9mNm 2.5w
22BHL Deltaline 22mm 54.2mm 24v 24,300-34,100 26.4-27.2mNm 27.7-28.4w
B1525-150 Deltaline see pdf see pdf 150.0v 17,794-38,560 310-322.7mNm 32.5w
22BHS Deltaline 22mm 35.3mm 12v 6,600 5.2mNm 4.4w
BF60 Canon 60mm 50mm 24v 2,980 196mNm 40w
16BHS Deltaline 16mm 32.3mm 12v 8,150-30,400 4.9-5.4mNm 5.6w
26BC-3C Deltaline 26mm 32.3mm 12v 14,800rpm 7.0mNm 5.7w
2-48/08.2 Trident 54mm 30mm 12v or 24v 4,300 27-28mNm 8w
2-48/08.4 Trident 54mm 30mm 12v or 24v 4,300 27-28mNm 8w
32BF nuvoDisc Deltaline 32mm 11mm 12volt 12,800rpm 10.4mNm 9.8 w
42BL IE DPM 45mm 76/96mm 24v 4,000rpm 0.19/0.38Nm See specs
86BL DPM 86mm 58-125mm 48v 3000/6000rpm 0.52-6.3Nm See specs
BG39 Canon 39.2mm 32.6-40.1mm 24v 15-243 88-1,030mNm n/a
BO504/508/512 Deltaline 11.90mm 23.8-49.2mm 50v 34,500-75,000 1.9-6.2mNm see pdf
13BC Deltaline 13mm 28mm 10v 9,300-18,200 1.5-1.7mNm see pdf
BO906/909/912 Deltaline 22.14mm 45.1-61.9mm 50v 28,000-56,000 15.3-25.8mNm see pdf
26BC-6A Deltaline 26mm 32.3mm 7.5v or 15v 4,700-12,500 4-4.4mNm see pdf
42BL DPM 42mm 41-100mm 24v 4000rpm 0.19-0.75Nm see pdf
57BLS/BL DPM 57.2mm 54-116mm 36v 4,000rpm 0.11-0.42Nm see pdf
32L 42RBL DPM 33 and 42mm to follow to follow to follow to follow to follow

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