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Yes. DC motors (brush and brushless) have a very linear behavior: the speed of a motor is directly proportional to the voltage applied. For brush DC motors it is preferable not to run faster than the maximum recommended speed given in our datasheets. Therefore the voltage should be preferably close to the nominal voltage or lower. Since the motor life is affected by the speed of operation, operating the motor at lower voltages means less brush/commutator wear for all brush type motors. However if your application requires higher speed performance, overdriving the motor is possible. This will increase the speed at the expense of expected life. Overdriving the motor at a speed 1.5x higher than the nominal speed will increase the iron losses by a factor of 2.25x, which will drastically reduce the efficiency and overall motor performance.

We have the capability to assemble many of our motors with many of our gearheads we have at our disposal to provide the performance you require. Our application engineers are available to discuss your questions concerning compatibility of a product and make recommendations on the best product for the design criteria.

We have a large range available but everything is not on our website. As a distributor we have a large range of products at our disposal. If you cant see something that meets your needs. Please contact us and out application engineers will be more than happy to discuss your requirement with you.

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