Igarashi Range

Igarashi Range

Igarashi DC Motor Range

Motors ranging from 15mm - 50mm available with various gearheads available to be fitted.

The Igarashi Range is a range of low cost, good quality small DC motors and gearheads suitable for high and low volume. Standard versions of popular frame sizes are kept in stock for immediate delivery. Planetary/spur gearheads and wiring looms can also be added (some restrictions apply).

Since its establishment, Igarashi Electric Works, as a dedicated compact motor manufacturer, has engaged in business not only within Japan but on a global scale. This has been thanks to the support of their customers and all of their stakeholders.

Since the start, the fundamental mission of Igarashi Electric Works has been to develop, manufacture, and sell products based on customer needs. They will continue to actively listen to their customers, flexibly and speedily responding to changes, and providing the products and services they needs, so that Igarashi can earn the even greater satisfaction and trust of their customers and become a company which others truly rely on.

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